Zone: 5-8
Spread: 25'
Fall Color:
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This tree is basically pyramidal to broad-pyramidal in habit with horizontal branches. The foliage is a lustrous dark green and the leaves have a wavy edge that make it distinct from other calleryana selections. The fall colors range from yellow to red. Blooms in the early spring with single white flowers.
1 1/2" BR3$40
1 1/4" BR34$38
1 1/4" LT BR6$36
1" BR135$35
1" LT BR25$34
7' BR10$33
7' LT BR25$32
6' WH10$17
6' BR30$30
6' LT BR10$29
5' WH35$17
5' BR10$28
3' WH30$12