Zone: 2-8
Spread: 20'
Shape: Upright spreading, rounded
Foliage: Emerge green maturing to purple
Fall Color: Red to reddish-purple
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The 'Canada Red' Chokecherry is an oval to rounded small tree with crooked branches and slender twigs. The flowers are white and the edible fruit is red turning to a dark purple. With a vigorous growth rate the new green foliage turns a deep maroon as the leaves mature. Tolerates clay and high pH soils.
1 1/2" BR20$32
1 1/4" BR390$30
1 1/4" LT BR20$29
1" BR683$28
1" LT BR98$27
7' BR625$25
7' LT BR98$24
6' LT BR20$22