Zone: 2
Spread: 30'
Fall Color:
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The Common Hackberry has an open broad form with arching branches. The medium green foliage matures to yellow-green in the fall. The bark is gray with scaly ridges along the trunk. This is a popular tree because it is tolerant of harsh climate conditions including drought, wind, wet or poor soil conditions and urban pollution.
1 1/2" BR22$35
1 1/2" LT BR16$33
1 1/4" BR92$32
1 1/4" LT BR27$31
1" BR124$30
1" LT BR33$29
8' WH38$22
7' WH199$18
6' WH316$16
6' BR194$27
6' LT BR33$26
5' WH167$14
4' WH71$12