Zone: 4-8
Spread: 35'
Fall Color:
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This river birch cultivar is a vigorous, fast-growing, medium sized tree which can be grown as either a single trunk or multi-stemmed, clump tree. As a single trunk tree, it developes a pyramidal habit when young, but gradually matures into a more rounded habit. Multi-stemmed trees form a more irregular shaped crown and are often considered the superior growth habit for this tree. This cultivar features salmon-cream to brownish bark which exfoliates to reveal a creamy white inner bark. Leathery diamond-shaped, dark green leaves with doubly toothed margins turn yellow in fall. Flowers are contained in drooping, brownish male catkins and female catkins which are smaller and greenish appear in the spring on the same tree.
1 1/2" BR17$31
1 1/4" BR76$28
1" BR241$24
6' BR45$22
6' LT BR82$20
5' BR71$17
5' LT BR76$16