Zone: 5
Spread: 35'
Shape: Oval
Foliage: Dark glossy green
Fall Color: Reddish- orange to red
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This sugar maple is characterized by its exceptional growth habit with thick, leathery leaves, its tight compact crown and heavy distribution of leaves, which are not subject to tatter. 'Legacy' has a dense, oval to rounded form, with mature bark that is deeply furrowed and gray-brown. Foliage is green in the summer, with various shades of red, pinks, and orange fall colors. Greenish-yellow flowers are borne on 1-3" clusters, in middle spring. Prefers moist, well drained fertile soil, tolerates shade, but does not tolerate pollution or salt.
1 1/4" BR3$42
1" BR3$38
6' WH45$21