Zone: 4-8
Spread: 45'
Shape: Oval
Foliage: Dense medium dark green
Fall Color: Brilliant red-burgundy
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The fall color is especially nice, with the leaves initially turning a brilliant red and then changing to an intense burgundy. These vibrant, almost fluorescent, burgundy red leaves glow in the autumn sunlight and holds the color for a long period of time. With an excellent symmetrical branching habit, this is a great choice for street plantings and small landscapes. Burgundy BelleĀ® maple also exhibits excellent heat and drought tolerance. It is best to train the central leader when the tree is young and will mature to a compact well-shaped symmetrical form.
1" BR194$35
1" LT BR6$31
7' WH49$20
6' WH296$18
6' BR202$30
6' LT BR17$27
5' WH66$15
5' BR86$26
5' LT BR6$24
4' WH49$12
4' BR6$22
4' LT BR6$20