Zone: 4
Spread: 15
Fall Color: Yellow-Orange
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This red maple is a fast-growing, upright tree, reaching a height of 50 to 60 feet and has very attractive silver-grey bark. As a columnar tree, this maple is thought of as a hybrid between red and silver maple. Its leaves are 5-lobed serrated and star-shaped.Red spring flowers give rise to samara seed pods in the fall with yellow to orange-red leaf color. The narrow spread of Armstrong maple makes it suitable for areas with limited horizontal space such as a planting site close to a building. As with red maples, this tree can withstand wet soils.
1" LT BR18$39.20
8' WH27$26
7' WH214$24.60
5' BR250$28.40
5' LT BR165$26.80
4' WH131$14.30